• It's the holidaysss!

    by Jessie | Sep 25, 2014
    Hi gals!

    Jessie-and-her-besties-having-a-sleepoverOMTG it's officially the holidays. There is so much I want to do that the whole time this morning I was constantly running up and down totally undecided about where to start. So mum suggested that I start by making a list. I grabbed my super adorable pink pen with the fluffy ball on top and immediately started scribbling away. On the top of my list was to clean up my's such a mess! And then I got to writing down the best parts - swimming, sleepovers with my besties, watch the new Boxtrolls movie, and of course, grab the awesome new TG mag with 1D on the cover! 

    What have you guys got planned for school break? I wanna hear all about it!

    Jessie xx
  • Up and running!

    by Jessie | Sep 04, 2014

    Hi Total Girls,

    Thank you to everyone who sent me get well emails when I broke my leg! Luckily, it’s healed up really well and I don’t even have to wear my cast anymore! Having a broken leg gave me lots of time to spend with Holly; she’s such a nice sister. She made sure I didn’t feel left out because I couldn’t run around or go swimming. One day she had a cool idea for when my leg got better. It was to start a dog walking business for our neighbours who have dogs.

    What do you guys think? Have you ever has a cool job? Tell me about it in the comments below!

    Jessie x

  • The Cast is Coming Off!

    by Jessie | Aug 14, 2014

    Hey TGs,


    I just got told that my cast should be coming off in two weeks! I was so happy to hear it that I almost jumped out of the chair and started dancing in excitement…until I remembered that I couldn’t! LOL

    It’s such a weird feeling having this heavy thing on my leg. I’m super frustrated because it makes everything so much harder to do. And now it’s super itchy too! But I’m totes going to miss all the awesome messages my friends drew on my cast. I have to remember to ask mum to take a pic before it comes off.


    And OMTG! How amazeballs is the new TG mag! It’s like TGHQ read my mind about the sports luxe fashion trend and knew these super cute outfits would work with my cast. Love it!


    Until next time,

    Jessie xx


    PS. Just made space on my wall for The Collective poster!

  • Broken Leg: Back To School

    by Jessie | Jul 18, 2014
    Hey girls!

    Hope you're not too sad about going back to school! Although I was pretty miserable at times with my broken leg, winter holidays are definitely the best time to stay inside!

    Thanks for all your amazing advice. I watched loads of TV and drank hot chocolate, yum. 

    Georgia, I made a taste testing game by baking different flavours of cupcakes and muffins with Mum. Cass, Dora and Jane all came over, we put blindfolds on and then tasted slices of each flavour and had to guess!

    Even though I baked them, Jane guessed the most correctly, LOL. I should definitely pay more attention to what I'm doing.

    This week we went back to school. Mr James is the same as ever, and I'm really noticing how freezing the classrooms are first thing in the morning! My leg hurts the most then, except for when I bump it trying to get around school on crutches.

    People have been super helpful, but I still can't wait to get this cast off. I'll never, ever, ever forget to be grateful for how lucky I am to be happy and healthy again!

    Jessie xx

  • Broken Leg Blues

    by Jessie | Jul 02, 2014
    Hey TGs,

    How are you? I'm writing to you from my room while all my friends are out enjoying the sunshine. I'm feeling a little gloomy because I've broken my leg and aside from being really sore, it also means I don't get to do as much as I wanted over these school holidays.
    I had big plans to go to the brand-new Trampoline Land that opened near the local shops; I also wanted to continue dance classes.

    It's pretty funny actually, because I was just complaining the other day about having too much on. Now I'm sooo bored! Check out my before/after pics:

    Total Girl: Jessie's Blog. Pic: before and after I broke my leg!

    The only good thing about breaking your leg is that you get to pick the colour of the cast, I chose pink because it's a bright and happy colour. All my friends and lots of kids from school signed the cast before we went on school holidays. I can't believe I have to leave it on for a few weeks. It's pretty gross when you think about it.

    Have any of you guys ever broken a bone? If so what did you do to beat boredom while you were stuck indoors?


    P.S. For more about my Broken Leg Blues, check out July TG. The TG team were sooo sweet when I told them!

  • OMTG My New Look!

    by Jessie | Jun 06, 2014
    Okay TGs, if you've got the June or July issue of Total Girl, you'll have seen my new look blog!

    My column used to be called 'Jessie's Space' but TG editor Amanda said it should get a makeover (along with the rest of the mag). We decided to rename my column 'Jessie's Blog' and the amazing designer Anais created the new look.

    What do you think? I love it!

    I'm such a proud mama of my blog and my ah-mazing readers.

    Love and makeovers
    Jessie xx
  • Winter Netball

    by Jessie | Jun 04, 2014
    Hey guys!

    I haven't blogged in ages, sorry! I hope you're all super happy and loving the autumn (actually is it winter now?) weather!

    I have been dancing every Saturday for two hours for about a month now. If you've got the latest TG, I wrote about the hilarious day I met one of my now nearly besties, Jo. You have to check it out!

    Anyway, I was also doing netball for school, plus gym, plus the animal shelter volunteering, plus actual school, and things were getting really hectic. Last week, Mum said I had cried three times that week, and that it was because I was over tired because I was too busy, and that I had to give up one thing.

    I cried then too! I mean I know I sound like such a crier right now, I'm honestly not, but I couldn't think of a single activity that I'd be happy to lose. I LOVE my netball team, it's the same girls from last year and they're like my netty besties. I LOVE gym, I've finally started not being the worst in the class, and every time I look at Cotton, she reminds me of how much I LOVE helping at the animal shelter. Plus even though I've just started dancing, I've loved every second so far.

    Mum says I have a week to decide.

    What do you guys think I should do? I just can't pick one. :-(

    Jess xx
  • Holly Update

    by Jessie | May 22, 2014
    Hey TGs

    Thanks for your comments!

    Last week, Mum and Holly met up with Holly's teacher and explained what had happened with her homework and PE uniform, plus how Holly was hating sitting at the back by herself.

    Holly's teacher was super nice about everything, and said she had no idea that Holly was unhappy by herself. She said that next week one of the other students is moving to another class, and so there will be a desk available next to one of the boys that Holly has been friends with for ages.

    The teacher said that it was terrible that Holly was feeling bullied, and that while she had only heard one side of the story, taking Holly's PE top wasn't right at all. She is going to speak to the mean girl next week and explain that she can't do things like that.

    Holly was SO relieved. Before the meeting she was worried that telling the teacher would make it worse! 

    I was waiting in the car, and after it was over Mum took us both out for gelato. I got strawberry and Holly had coconut, and they were both delicious. 

    Mum said that Holly had done the right thing in telling her, and that sometimes friends let you down. It doesn't mean they're bad people, it just means that it's best not to rely on someone until you know them really well.

    Has this ever happened to you? What did you do, and did it work?

  • Poor Holly!

    by Jessie | May 07, 2014
    So the WORST thing happened yesterday!

    Holly is pretty much the best sister ever, and so I'm sooo upset for her. I just wish I was older and I could help her out!

    A new girl started in Holly's class (around the same time as Dora) and has turned out to be the meanest, most awful person! I try SO hard not to think mean things about people, but this girl is just sooo... mean! There's no other word for it!

    She started out seeming really nice, but gradually she's let her true colours show.

    At first it was things like saying she was having trouble catching up with our school and asking to borrow Holly's homework, and then leaving it at home so it looked like Holly hadn't done it.

    Then she asked the teacher if she could swap seats with Holly because she can't see from where she sits, and so now Holly has to sit at the back on her own (she was next to her bestie before). Now this girl is super-good friends with Holly's bestie and says that they're having desk-BFF lunches together, so Holly can't join in!

    Yesterday they had PE, and while Holly was in the bathroom the new girl took her PE shirt out of her bag and put it on (she had forgotten hers) so when Holly came out she didn't have her full uniform! Her PE teacher gave her an official warning and everything.

    Mum picked us up from school yesterday with Cotton, and when Holly got into the car she burst into tears and told us the whole story.

    I felt SO bad for her! 

    Mum says she's going to talk to Holly's teacher today and see if there isn't another solution to Holly sitting by herself, and also explain about the PE uniform.

    Holly's worried that that will make it worse, but I think if it keeps going on it will get worse anyway!

    What do you girls think?

    Jessie xx
  • Cya School Holidays!

    by Jessie | Apr 30, 2014
    Hey TGs

    How are you all?

    I can't believe the school holidays are over, I'm sooo sad. We got home from camping on Sunday night (after waiting in traffic for like THREE hours) and then it was back to school the next day!

    Camping was awesome. It only rained on two days, and we were able to swim most days too. The only bad thing was on Thursday Cotton somehow got loose, and we spent all afternoon walking around calling her. I was sooo worried about her (she's totally a city dog) and it was so hard not to cry. People kept looking at Holly and I strangely, but I suppose 'Cotton' is a weird name for a dog. It would be like seeing someone walking around yelling,

    "Wool! Wool! Where are you, Wool?"

    Eventually we spotted Cotton eating out of another camper's dog's bowl. She was covered in mud, but otherwise totally happy. We were SO relieved!


    Total Girl: Jessie's Blog. 'Cotton & I on Easter Sunday!'
    Cotton and I on Easter Sunday (before she got lost and covered in mud, LOL)


    On Monday it was so awesome to see Cass, Dora, Angie and all the girls, plus I was even a little glad to see Mr James. Cass went to Bali over the break and came back with like a hundred braids over her whole head! She looks amazing! She says that for the first few nights it was really hard to sleep because they were super tight, but now she forgets they're even there.

    Dora didn't go away, but spent ages with Pluto and her fam. She's the only one of us with any chocolate left, because apparently on Easter Sunday she got into a massive fight with her brother and her parents confiscated all their chocolate. They have to do chores to win it back. She's so not happy.

    Angie stayed with her aunty on the Central Coast and said she was sooo bored the whole time. Apparently her parents were doing some renovations on their house and didn't want Ange there! It's pretty funny, but she doesn't think so.

    What did you guys get up to over the break? I loved all your comments, thank you!!!


  • Easter Camping Trip

    by Jessie | Apr 17, 2014
    Hi TGs!

    You'll never guess where I am going! Okay well if you scroll down and see the pic you will - I'm going camping with my family!

    Mum and Dad planned this trip as a surprise, because they're sick of Holly and I always being on the computer or watching TV or fighting over the iPad... sound familiar? Yep, we went camping last year for the same reason (that's where I got the pic from).

    Dad is packing the car at the moment and Mum is getting food from the supermarket. I swear if they had their way, we wouldn't even have electricity in our house! They're super keen for us to get back to nature, whatever that means!


    Total Girl - Jessie's Blog: We're going camping for Easter!


    Mum said she'd buy marshmallows so we can toast them over the camp fire, and Holly and I will totally have D&Ms and watch the stars like last time. 

    I just hope that it's warm enough to go swimming for pretty much the last time this summer (well autumn).

    Anyway so looong story short, I won't be able to blog for a week. But I'll be back with loads of funny camping stories soon!

    Happy Easter TGs! I hope you get bucket-loads of eggs!
    Jessie xx


    by Jessie | Apr 11, 2014
    Sooo long school! At least for a couple of weeks!

    OMTG this week has been SO long - I swear every day has had 48 hours instead of 24! 

    Last night I was so excited that today was the last day that I barely slept! I finally got up super early, played with Cotton for a while and then made little Easter egg bags for everyone in my class, with an individual name tag and everything.

    All day we were exchanging Easter eggs, and Mr James brought in Hot Cross Buns for morning tea! I think he's actually beginning to like us!

    At lunch, Cass, Dora, Angie and I were running around like maniacs (um, maybe too much chocolate, LOL), but then this afternoon I suddenly got super sad that I wasn't going to see everyone for like a fortnight and accidentally burst into tears! Everyone was sooo nice though and crowded around to give me a hug.

    When the bell finally rang, we burst out of class and ran to the bus stop. My sister and I walked through the front door dropping our hats, bags and shoes in a trail down the hallway to our bedrooms where we've been hanging out ever since!

    Holly even gave me an amazing polka-dot manicure that she saw on Claire's blog (though I've already messed up two nails, whoops).

    I can't wait for two more weeks of this!

    Happy holidays guys!
    Jessie xx

  • 3 Days 'Til The Holidays!

    by Jessie | Apr 08, 2014

    Hey TGs!

    OMTG this term has gone on FOREVER. I can't believe how different it feels in the last week of term, compared to the terrifying first days!

    I love the last days of term, because everyone is in the BEST mood and teacher's let us get away with doing way less work!

    Everyone is getting super excited for Easter (CHOCOLATE! HOT CROSS BUNS!) and I'm super psyched for sleep-ins. This term, between gymnastics, helping at the animal shelter, the school newspaper and the crazy amounts of homework that Mr James sets, I feel like I've been tired every day!

    Dora and I have been on two more walks, and Cotton and Pluto are still total BDFs. We asked Cass along too the other day, and ended up having a HUGE chat about how much homework Mr James gives compared to all the other classes in our grade.

    For my sister's birthday (we had her party about a month ago, I don't know if you remember?) she asked to go to a movie, so finally last weekend we went to The LEGO Movie. It was sooo funny, have you seen it?

    The coolest thing was after we got home, Holly's friend Jen showed us a website where you can LEGO-ify yourself, then star in The LEGO Movie trailer! Check mine out!  

    Okay so it sounds like I'm a guy, but it's still pretty funny, right?
    Want to make your own LEGO trailer? Go here: Put Yourself In The LEGO Movie.

    Everything is awesome!

    Jessie xx

  • Cotton's New Friend!

    by Jessie | Mar 28, 2014
    Hey Total Girls!

    Are you loving the latest issue of the mag? I wrote a super long post  in it that you have to read!

    The cutest/coolest thing happened yesterday. After school, Mum, Holly and I took Cotton for a walk to the park. It had been weird and stormy all day, so we ducked out quickly while the rain held off.

    When we got to the dog park, I let Cotton off her leash because she loves running around. Mum threw a ball for her for a while, and then she just wandered around smelling stuff and generally doing her doggy thing. 

    A few minutes later, she spotted another dog (who was about half her size) across the park, and she was off like a shot! She streaked across the park, barking like CRAZY. I took off at a run after her because I thought she was going to bite the other dog or something!

    When the other dog saw Cotton, she got super excited and started running towards her too. They reached each other waaay before I got there, but before I could even yell at them to stop, they were jumping all over each other, totally out of their minds with happiness!

    It was like they were soul puppy brothers or something!

    The other dog's owner was rushing over too, and we both reached the dogs at the same time, and you'll never believe who it was!

    Okay so I'll tell you - it was Dora, the new girl who started at school a couple of weeks ago!

    Her dog is called Pluto and it's sooo cute. She and Cotton were honestly like instant BDFs (best doggy friends) and when Mum called me to leave it nearly broke my heart separating them!

    Dora and I chatted heaps while the dogs were playing, and she told me she's feeling way more settle in to school and stuff. She has an older brother who's at a different school and also found it hard at first. 

    Dora said her birthday is coming up and she's thinking of having a party, so she can invite all the new people she's met since she moved here. I think that's a great idea!

    What do you think TGs? What are your tips for people who have to move schools?

    Jessie xx
  • My Weekend As a STAR

    by Jessie | Mar 17, 2014
    Hey girls!

    Guess how I spent the weekend? I don't think you'll be able to guess so I'll tell you: I entered the Barbie Popstar Party Competition!

    Ages ago I blogged about being the face of TG's new app (Popstar Party) and so when this comp came around I felt like I had to enter! Plus I REALLY want the iPad Mini prize, LOL.

    I spent ages practising, and then I did a rehearsal in front of Mum and Dad (and Cotton, except she wandered off half way through haha). Here's the song you have to sing:



    Mum and Dad thought it was pretty good (they gave me a few pointers, and Mum helped me pick a performance outfit) so I worked up my courage and recorded my audition!

    It's super easy (you can do it all from in the Popstar Party app), and then once you're done, you just Sing-a-gram it to

    It took another few goes before I realised it was easiest to ask Mum to hold the iPad and film while I sang.

    I finally sent it at 8:30pm last night.

    Wish me luck!!! 

    Have you entered the comp? You totally should!

    Love and singing super-loud

  • The New Girl

    by Jessie | Mar 13, 2014
    Hey girls!

    I am sooo sorry I haven't posted in so long. Hannah you're totally right to call me out on it! I guess I just forgot how super busy things get during the school term. Between gym, volunteering at the animal shelter and homework, I've been scraping to find some free time.

    ANYWAY. I totes shouldn't make excuses, I feel so lucky that I get to write this blog. As I'm typing away, Mum is in the kitchen making cupcakes for my sister's birthday party tomorrow. Even though it's not her actual birthday, she's having two of her besties over for a sleepover, and they're going to do manicures and watch her fave DVD. She says I can join them (I have the BEST sister) but I don't want to be that annoying little sister. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

    The latest on the school sitch is that Mr James actually isn't that bad. I still NEVER talk in class (no one does) but he smiles, and tells jokes and stuff now. One he told yesterday made us all LOL:

    Q: What do you give a sore pig?
    A: Oinkment!

    Actually, yesterday was a pretty big day at school. A new girl started and was put into our class (she only moved to Sydney a week ago). Her name is Dora and when the Principal brought her into the class she gave us all this HUGE smile and introduced herself. Alphabetically she now sits one desk over to my left, and the girl that would usually sit next to her was sick yesterday.

    After a few minutes, she leaned over to ask me if she could borrow my ruler and without saying anything (obvs!) I passed it across to her. It wasn't soon enough though, because Mr James turned around and said, 

    "Dora, because you're new, I'm going to tell you this now, but this is the last time I'll explain. In this class, there is NO talking. The only time I want to hear talking? If you've put your hand up to ask a question. Understand?"

    Dora went bright red and because I was right next to her I could see her eyes fill up with tears. She didn't say anything, but just nodded.

    Luckily at that moment, the bell rang for recess.

    I caught up with her in the locker room and said, "Don't worry about Mr James, he's super strict but actually kinda nice underneath." Cass was there too and she patted Dora's arm.

    You know when you're just about to cry but you're keeping it together, until someone is nice to you then it all comes out? That's what happened to Dora. She burst into tears, right there in the locker room!

    Cass had the brilliant idea to take her to the big Oak tree (it's at the back of the playground) so we did, and then just told silly jokes and stuff until she started laughing. We clued her in on all of Mr James' rules so that she would know for next time.

    When the bell rang she gave both of us a hug and said thanks. She seems really nice. I'm so happy that there's another friendly face in the class now!

    I love making new friends!
    Jess xx

  • My Not So Terrifying Teacher?

    by Jessie | Feb 19, 2014
    Hi girls!

    OMTG it's already week three of term one! How are you all going?

    So the third week of term one means the third week with Mr James and guess what? He has barely shouted all week!

    Over the last fortnight he's sent ELEVEN people to the principal's office. That has to be a world record! Sean has been sent TWICE.

    We sure all know his rules now though!

    1. Absolutely NO talking in class (unless it's group work).
    2. Do your homework or have a note from your parents explaining why.
    3. Bring your sports uniform or you need another note from your parents.
    4. Don't ask questions without putting your hand up first.

    Yesterday the whole grade had to do group work in class about global warming, then meet in the playground and present our ideas. The first class ready to present got an extra ten minutes at lunch.

    Guess what? Our class won! 

    We raced inside to do the group work and no-one spoke until Mr James had assigned our groups. It took no time at all for us to get started, and I think that's why we won!

    Mr James was so pleased with us all, that he put a Freddo Frog on everyone's desk when we got back from our (extra long) lunch.

    Ummm what..? Where's my totally terrifying teacher?

    Love and absolutely no talking (LOL)
    Jessie xx
  • My Totally Terrifying Teacher Part 3

    by Jessie | Feb 10, 2014
    Heeeey super wonderful TGs

    Thank you sooo much for your comments! I spent the weekend totally DREADING going to school on Monday, and every time I felt super down, Mum made me read your nice comments again.

    Sienna thanks so much for that list! I am seriously thinking about making him a card.

    Today has been okay I guess. He didn't keep anyone back at lunch and we were all on our best behaviour.

    The worst thing about the day was maths. I don't know if you guys remember but maths is totally not my best subject! I concentrate sooo hard, but I pretty much always end up asking Mum or Dad for help after school.

    Today during Maths I didn't really get what we were talking about (long division is seriously the WORST. I can't even think about it right now) but I was too nervous to ask in case he shouted at me (Mum is reading this over my shoulder and saying that I should never be scared to ask something, LOL, thanks Mum). 

    Then something weird happened. Sean, who hadn't really said a word to me all day (except to borrow my glue stick) saw what I was struggling with and asked Mr James about it, pretending HE was having the problem.

    I knew he wasn't struggling with the same thing, because all his equations were completely finished and answered (with all the working).

    Mr James explained that bit again (he was a bit short, but nothing too mean) and I listened to it all and it made sense that time.

    It was such a nice thing to do! I was too scared to say thanks in case Mr James thought I was talking in class, but I gave him a big smile and mouthed thank you when I got the chance.

    I told Cass about it after school, and she reckons maybe Sean isn't as mean as we thought.

    How are you all going back at school? Have you guys made any new friends yet?

    Love and long division
    Jessie xx

  • My Totally Terrifying Teacher Part 2

    by Jessie | Feb 06, 2014
    Hi girls

    Part 2 of my terrifying teacher tale! (LOL, it took me ages to come up with that sentence.)

    Thanks for the comments! Keely I'm sooo glad you ended up liking your teacher! Mohini and Sienna your teachers sound like a good mix of strict but funny. Georgia, that's so hard, I'm sooo sorry! Hang in there and I'm sure it will get better. Jess and Felicia, you're so lucky!

    ANYWAY... Where was I... Oh yeah!

    So Cass and I were glued to each other's side in the hall, with the other super-scared students in Mr James class. I knew most of the people (there was a nice girl called Emma that I kinda know from a project last year) but Cass was my only bestie in the group.

    When everyone was finally in their classes, Mr James turned around and said,

    "Follow me."

    That's it. No, "hi kids, I'm your teacher!" or, "I'm so glad to have this class!" 

    We all followed him in complete silence to our classroom, which is at the end of a huge hallway (kinda a bit away from the other classes in our grade).

    Usually we're allowed to pick where we want to sit (I was never going to leave Cass' side again!) but Mr James made us sit alphabetically. The seats are in pairs so I'm next to a boy called Sean, who I've never spoken to before.

    He's one of the super cool kids, and to be honest, I'm kinda scared of him (I knooow that sounds weird but it's true). I've seen him tease people at lunch and stuff, so I've always sort of avoided him. 

    All I could think was that I was stuck with Sean and Mr James ALL YEAR!

    Cass is like three rows behind me. The one time I turned around to shoot her a 'look' (you know, one of those bestie looks where they know exactly what you mean without saying a word), Mr James stopped what he was doing and when I turned back around, he was just looking at me with his arms crossed (I nearly died).

    After that, I just stayed perfectly still unless I was writing something down!

    Just before lunch, we were doing some spelling. Everyone had to mark each other's work, and four kids got a couple of words wrong (including Sean). Mr James made them STAY BACK AT LUNCH and write the word they got wrong on the board 50 times each!

    I shot Sean a look of sympathy when I got back after lunch but he didn't really look at me.

    When I got home that afternoon I burst into tears! Mum gave me a big hug and said it would be okay, and Cotton licked my hand.

    I just don't know how I'm going to cope with a whole year of this!

    Jessie xx
  • My Totally Terrifying Teacher

    by Jessie | Feb 03, 2014
    Helloooo guys!

    Did you make it through the first week back at school? 

    My sis and I started back last week. I was really excited (I hadn't seen Cass and Angie for at least a week, LOL) and my sis was really nervous (she was sooo not ready for holidays to be over).

    Now I think it should have been the other way around! We walked to school with Mum and Cotton, and when we got to the gates like three of my sis' friends came running out to say hi.

    We must have been early or something because I couldn't see any of my friends! Lucky my sis' friends are really cool, so I just stuck with them until the bell.

    We all went to the hall to find out which classes we were in. I had completely forgotten that we were getting new teachers! All I could think was, "PLEASE please please please NOT Mr James." He's the scariest, meanest teacher in the whole school. I've seen him yell at people in the playground and they always end up crying.

    Sure enough, as they divided people off into their classes I heard them announce my name... in Mr James' class. My heart totally sunk!

    When I walked over to the meeting spot for his class, I noticed Cass there too. I was so relieved! At least I'm not on my own! Apparently she had been running really late and had literally just arrived at school in time to hear her name called.

    We both made scared faces at each other but were too nervous to say a word.

    OMTG I have to go but watch this space - this is a super long story so I'll keep writing it tomorrow!

    I hope you all have really nice teachers!

    Jessie xx