• Thunderstorm

    by Jessie | Feb 27, 2015

    So we just had the BIGGEST storm where I live! It all started on Friday afternoon at school. These big grey clouds were rolling in, and our teacher let us go out and watch at first, but made us come back inside when they got close because she thought it was too dangerous, in case lightning started. Which it did! It was so bright it lit up the whole classroom, and my friend Colin said it must be really close above us, because the thunderclaps happened almost as soon as we saw the lightning. Mum came and picked me and Holly up after school, because it was so rainy. When we got home she had put Cotton in the laundry because he got really spooked by the loud noises, and Chloe our new kitten was in the lounge room so she didn’t get wet. She didn’t care about the thunder though; in fact we think she actually liked it! She stood at the window watching the rain and the lightning, haha!

    Jessie's Blog Thunderstorm Activities
    Sometimes me and my friends paint our nails during a storm too!

    Holly loves storms, but I am a bit scared of them. Not TOO scared, but when it’s really close like this storm was, the noise gives me a bit of a fright. Mum said we couldn’t have the TV on until the lightning stopped, because if the lightning hit any power grids in our area it could turn it off suddenly and it might be dangerous if the TV broke. So Holly and me pulled out Scrabble and played that, which was really fun actually because we hadn’t played board games in ages! We were having so much fun we also decided to do a puzzle – how fun are puzzles?! I totally forgot how great they are. Ours has a picture of a basket of cats, and one looked SO MUCH like Chloe! I brought Chloe over to show her, but she didn’t seem very interested, she just stepped all over the puzzle and then ran away to watch the storm again, haha.


    Do you like storms like Holly? Or are you a bit scared like me. And what do you guys do for fun when you aren’t allowed the TV? Let me know in the comments!


    Until next time,


    Jessie x

  • Baby Birds!

    by | Jan 30, 2015

    Hi TGs!

    The coolest thing happened today! I was in class and my teacher Miss Daniels said she had an extra special day for us. She took us down to this huuuge tree we have in the school yard, and pointed up to the lowest branch. There was a bird's nest with three of the cutest, tiniest baby birds in it! We had to be really quiet and not get too close so we didn't disturb them. Miss Daniels brought her phone to take photos and said she could send them to our parents if we wanted one. She told us the baby birds were Starlings, and said they were really common in Australia. She told us the reason it’s important not to disturb their nest is because we could upset the babies or their mother when she returned. Then she explained how the mummy bird will go and find food, eat it, and then bring it back up to feed the babies – yuck!

    Jessie's Blog

    It’s lucky they weren’t magpie babies, coz we got told in school assembly that we have to be careful when we walk around near the trees in summer, coz the magpies can get aggressive, especially if they have babies in the trees. Yikes! I asked Mum if she had ever seen a magpie get angry like that and she said when she was in school, they had to wear an empty ice cream bucket on her head with eyes drawn on the back if they went out of class to run errands, so the magpies didn't swoop the back of their heads! I laughed at this and she did too, it’s pretty silly sounding!

    Have you guys ever seen baby birds in their nest? What kind?


    Love, Jessie x

  • Dress Ups!

    by Jessie | Oct 27, 2014

    So the girls and I had the best idea evaaaa! Remember how I cleaned up my room over the school break and organised my wardrobe to look like a rainbow? After that, I had a heap of odd clothes (that I just never wear or have grown out of) sitting in a box my mum labeled 'Throw Out'. When I told the girls at school that I still had the box - which I had actually shoved under my bed and hoped to forget about - we came up with so many great ideas! Catherine suggested that we take it to the local charity. Jane said that we could try and re-use some of the garments to make totes unique, second-hand outfits. I thought they were great ideas so I suggested we give them BOTH a try! 

    The girls came over to my house after school on Friday and we set to it! Catherine collected the clothes that would be perfect just as they were and would hopefully be loved by the next lucky wearer. Jane got to sorting through all the other bits and pieces that would be super cool with a little tweaking. She even brought some of her own left-over fabrics her mum saved after their dress-making sessions! It was the best Friday afternoon ever! We had a blast making awesome new outfits. It's amazing what a little imagination (and glitter) can do to an old pair of jeans! We could totes become fashion designers! LOL!

    Oh, and before I forget...
    Mum drove me to the charity the next morning and we gave them a huge bag of those extra clothes Catherine sorted out. They were so grateful and I felt like we had done a really great deed. Mum agreed and said that it's always the best feeling to help others in need! It was then that I resolved to find ways to do it more often. 

    What have you done to help others? I would love to get a couple ideas from fellow TG readers! Let me know in the comments below.

    Until next time!
    Jessie  xxx


  • Spring into Spring!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi peeps,

    Jessie-and-friends-reading-in-the-parkThanks so much for updating me on your holidays! You guys got up to so much fun - visits to the zoo, aquarium, Jenolan Caves, and even a huge family trip to China! WOW! 

    Okay, so school is back but I am totes not even sad. I think it's because of the Spring air making me super excited for the hot weather and all the days I can spend with my besties in the sunshine. Just the other day, it was such an amazing day, we all went down to the park. We didn't do much but sat and spoke for at least an hour! We told each other what we did over the hols and even giggled over Jo's totally embarrassing story - it involved a skirt and a very, very, very windy day! LOL 

    School's given us this OMTG book that we can't stop reading. At first we thought it was going to be a super boring novel that the teacher would make us read but this one is so good we can't get our noses out the spine! Haha! What are you reading? I'm sure I'll be finishing this story in no time and will be so keen to hear what you guys suggest I read next!

    Jessie xoxo
  • It's the holidaysss!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi gals!

    Jessie-and-her-besties-having-a-sleepoverOMTG it's officially the holidays. There is so much I want to do that the whole time this morning I was constantly running up and down totally undecided about where to start. So mum suggested that I start by making a list. I grabbed my super adorable pink pen with the fluffy ball on top and immediately started scribbling away. On the top of my list was to clean up my's such a mess! And then I got to writing down the best parts - swimming, sleepovers with my besties, watch the new Boxtrolls movie, and of course, grab the awesome new TG mag with 1D on the cover! 

    What have you guys got planned for school break? I wanna hear all about it!

    Jessie xx
  • Up and running!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    Hi Total Girls,

    Thank you to everyone who sent me get well emails when I broke my leg! Luckily, it’s healed up really well and I don’t even have to wear my cast anymore! Having a broken leg gave me lots of time to spend with Holly; she’s such a nice sister. She made sure I didn’t feel left out because I couldn’t run around or go swimming. One day she had a cool idea for when my leg got better. It was to start a dog walking business for our neighbours who have dogs.

    What do you guys think? Have you ever has a cool job? Tell me about it in the comments below!

    Jessie x

  • The Cast is Coming Off!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    Hey TGs,


    I just got told that my cast should be coming off in two weeks! I was so happy to hear it that I almost jumped out of the chair and started dancing in excitement…until I remembered that I couldn’t! LOL

    It’s such a weird feeling having this heavy thing on my leg. I’m super frustrated because it makes everything so much harder to do. And now it’s super itchy too! But I’m totes going to miss all the awesome messages my friends drew on my cast. I have to remember to ask mum to take a pic before it comes off.


    And OMTG! How amazeballs is the new TG mag! It’s like TGHQ read my mind about the sports luxe fashion trend and knew these super cute outfits would work with my cast. Love it!


    Until next time,

    Jessie xx


    PS. Just made space on my wall for The Collective poster!

  • Broken Leg: Back To School

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey girls!

    Hope you're not too sad about going back to school! Although I was pretty miserable at times with my broken leg, winter holidays are definitely the best time to stay inside!

    Thanks for all your amazing advice. I watched loads of TV and drank hot chocolate, yum. 

    Georgia, I made a taste testing game by baking different flavours of cupcakes and muffins with Mum. Cass, Dora and Jane all came over, we put blindfolds on and then tasted slices of each flavour and had to guess!

    Even though I baked them, Jane guessed the most correctly, LOL. I should definitely pay more attention to what I'm doing.

    This week we went back to school. Mr James is the same as ever, and I'm really noticing how freezing the classrooms are first thing in the morning! My leg hurts the most then, except for when I bump it trying to get around school on crutches.

    People have been super helpful, but I still can't wait to get this cast off. I'll never, ever, ever forget to be grateful for how lucky I am to be happy and healthy again!

    Jessie xx

  • Maths and Mums!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey TGs!
    If any of you have the latest Total Girl mag, you'll know all my fave things about my mum! On Sunday my sister and I woke up sooo early and cooked a baked breakfast that I found on this website ages ago.

    We carried it up to Mum on a tray with some flowers from our garden, a napkin and a knife and fork. It didn't look as nice as the pictures, but she was really pleased! Dad wasn't though - he was annoyed that we woke him up early, LOL. Sorry Dad!

    Mum, if you're reading this, thanks so much for being so wonderful! You always listen to my problems, all my besties love you and your pancakes are seriously the best thing in the world!

    Mum and I in London, England!

    School is going well, except... well can I tell you guys something? We're doing a new maths topic at the moment and it's really hard. 

    When I try and do my homework after school, it takes me ages to work out how to get the answers. I feel like everyone else understands straight away. :-(

    Do you guys have any advice? You always seem to know what to say!

    Jessie xx
  • Winter Term!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi TGs!
    I can't believe that school has started again. I'm meant to be doing a pile of homework, but instead I'm writing to you girls! I wish school projects were as fun as blogging.

    Jessie saw her Besties in the Holidays!
    My CRAZY besties!

    School holidays were so cool. I didn't go anywhere or anything, but I saw my besties loads and got everything done that I wanted, like my Autumn project! 

    Cassie came over and we had a blast, she introduced me to Ellie Goulding and the new Justin Timberlake song - now I'm really into them too. I took photos of my walls covered in their new posters - remind me to post the pic here!

    I blogged all about my mum in Total Girl magazine this month (it's the one with Selena on the cover) because Mother's Day is coming up really soon. What are you going to do for your mum?

    I have to say a huge thank you to you girls, you actually did me a huge favour and probably didn't even know it! I asked TG's Alex (have you read her amaze entertainment blogs?) to put a poll up on the website to help me decide which Winter sport to choose. Most of you said gymnastics, so I'm going to give it a go! I'm not super flexible or anything, but I LOVE trying new things. Watch this space!

    How were your holidays?

    I read ALL of your comments, thank you sooo much!

    Jessie xx
  • Hello 2012!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Happy New Year TGs!

    Just a few days in and I already feel like 2012 is going to be a great year! Not only has it so far been filled with sunshine, friends and family, I've also made really exciting New Year's resolutions. I made sure to write them here down so I won't forget them:

    1. Spend more time with Cotton - I'm aiming for two walks a day!

    2. Do more charity work.

    3. Make a new friend.

    So now I've told you mine, it's your turn to share your resolutions. Write to me in the comments box below!

    Oh, and I'm lovin' this awesome duo by Stan Walker and Jess Mauboy at the moment.
  • Back to School We Go!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey TGs!

    So you know the Summer Holidays are well and truly over when you start scheduling homework into your daily dairy! Yep, it was back at school this week, and even though I'm sad the holidays are finished, I'm pretty excited about starting a new year too.

    One of the things I like most about the whole back-to-school thing is how fresh everything feels. New classes, new teachers and new stationery always put a smile on everyone's face. It's also great time of year to meet new people, like my new friend, Angie... welcome to our school Angie!

    Angie is new to Jessie's School!

    This song by One Direction makes all those Science exercises seem fun!

    Jessie xx
  • Sports Camp

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Phew, do I feel on top of the world right now or what!? The teachers at school always talk about how great sport can make you feel, and now I know what they're on about!

    Nearly at the Finish Line!

    After spending a full week at sports camp, I can now say I've tried sprints, hurdles, shot put and loads more. And guess what? Even though some sports can seem scary at first, once you have a go they can be really rewarding. 

    I've learnt that sport is not always about coming first, but trying your hardest and achieving bests. So much fun!

    Now I'm off to soak my sore muscles in the bath!

    Love and long-jump
    Jessie xx
  • Pillow Fight Day

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi everyone!

    How have you all been? I've been great!

    Cass and Angie discovered they have tons in common and have become great friends. Which is great because I don't feel like I'm stuck in between two awesome friendships. Now we are all really good friends and it feels like the whole group is a perfect fit!

    I'm really greatful to have such awesome friends, they all bring something fun and unique in to my life, I hope you guys have this too. Remember your friends should treat you with respect and make you happy, not put you down or be a negative influence to your life.

    That being said, remember to give this in return to have a good balance in your friendship! Well enough of my Dr Phil talk hahaha!

    Matt and Zach also found out that it was Pillow Fight Day sometime this month so we've been having pillow fights as much as possible this month, they even proclaimed it Pillow Fight Month!

    Zach, Matt, Jessie and her besties in an epic pillow fight!

    It's pretty funny because when we're not at each other's houses we've all bought smaller pillows to carry in our school bags to have on-the-go pillow fights! Our teachers are not in the slightest bit impressed, we've even been in trouble about this a couple of times, but it's all in good fun!

    Love and pillow fights!
    Jessie xx


  • My Fave Things

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    Hi guys!

    Hope you're all doing fab! I've been getting loads of emails of TGs wanting to know a little more about me, so here it is! A list of all my favourite things.

    Remember to keep sending me emails to include in my blog in the magazine. Catch me on with the subject heading 'Jessie's Space'.

    My favourite...
    • Food: Cupcakes!
    • Drink: Milkshakes
    • Ice Cream Flavour: Cookies and Cream
    • Colour: Purple at the moment, it always changes!
    • Hangout: The shopping centre
    • Charity: RSPCA, I'm a total animal lover!
    • Way to spend my weekend: With my fabulous friends
    • Song: One Thing by One Direction. I'm still in my 1D fan phase!
    • Band: One Direction of course!
    • Singer: Katy Perry
    • Movie: I loved the take on Snow White in Mirror Mirror
    • TV Show: iCarly. I'm a huge Miranda Cosgrove fan!
    • Cupcake topping: Pink icing with sprinkles
    • Holiday Destination: A tropical island
    • Celeb: Selena Gomez
    • Celeb Crush: Louis from One Direction
    • Season: Summer, because it reminds me of school holidays spent with my friends.
    • Day of the week: Monday, back to school to see everyone I didn't get to catch up with over the weekend.
    • Thing to wear: Scarves in every colour, they really help to brighten up those chilly, winter days!
    Singing 1D Karaoke under a purple disco ball!
    Singing 1D karaoke under a purple disco ball!
  • I Went to One Direction!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    Hey TGs!

    I know it's been a while since the concert but I cannot get over how good the One Direction concert was! Did any of you go? I went with Angie and Molly which was great because they're just as excited about the boy's concert as I was.

    Jessie, Angie and Molly at One Direction!

    On the lead up to the concert we listened to their songs non-stop and I tried collecting as many posters as possible to put up on my wall. We even made posters for the concert to hold up in the air!


    On the day there were so many people there waiting in line but we were lucky enough to beat the majority of the crowd and got there early enough to score a spot near the front of the stage.

    The concert has to be one of the best I've ever seen. I could even swear that Niall looked me in the eyes when he sung the lyrics "That's what makes you beautiful"... Or that could have just been my imagination, but hey! A girl can dream right? We even tried to wait for them afterwards at the back gate of the venue so they could sign our posters but unfortunately they zipped off in their fancy van before we got a chance. Molly says the boys were waving from inside the van though which is really sweet.

    I can't wait until they come back to Oz!

    Has anyone got tickets to the 2013 concert?


  • Jessie Goes to a Costume Party

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    Hey guys!

    OMTG have I told you guys about the AWESOME costume party that Cass had? It was so much fun! We all dressed up as superheroes and after brainstorming for a week, Cass, Molly and I decided to dress up as The Powerpuff Girls!

    We had a hard time deciding who was going to be which Powerpuff Girl because we all wanted to be Bubbles! In the end, Molly and I decided that Cass should be Bubbles since it was her sleepover. So I got to dress up as Blossom and Molly was Buttercup!

    We even went to the trouble of making our costumes, the girls in the TG office were great with giving us ideas of what we could use to make the costumes which was great! After working hard on the costumes we had a ball at Cass's party, we ate loads of lollies and danced to my current fave song which is Do It Like That by Ricki-Lee. She's so awesome!

    I can't wait for the next party, I hope that it's another costume one, I think I'd like to try dressing like Katy Perry. A celeb theme would be awesome!

    See you next time!

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  • OMTG I love the new site!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey TGs!

    OMTG I have been sooo excited about the new Total Girl website - I have been dying to tell you all about it!

    TG Editor Amanda swore me to secrecy - all I knew was that the best girl's mag ever was getting a new site that would work on my iPhone and Mum and Dad's iPad too!

    I'll be blogging just as much (if not more!) and of course you can still see Jessie's Space in the mag.

    Send me a comment with your thoughts about the site, and make sure you get the June issue of Total Girl (with Ariana Grande on the cover), I went horse riding and it was AMAZING.

    Jessie's Space: The new TG Website!

    Jessie xx

    PS I haven't had time to copy all of my old blogs over yet, but I will! In the mean time, I copied my faves, like the time I went to One Direction!
  • My Friday Faves & New Starring Role!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    Hi TGs

    Happy Friday! It's my fave day of the week after Saturday!

    Have you guys downloaded the new TG app on your iPods or iPads? Did you see anyone familiar on it? *hint hint* hehe!

    Jessie is the star of Total Girl's new app!

    Yep I was asked to help TG with this app and it was sooo much fun. I'm pretty lucky that TG let me help them on so many cool projects.

    But enough about me, how has your week been? I've been a busy bee this week because I had to do a speech on a native Australian animal. I chose the Koala because they are really cute! I was pretty nervous but after I did it I wanted to do it all over again. Hopefully I get a good mark for it.


    Anyways here are five of my fave things that have happened this week.

    1. Cass and Zach introduced me to the show Adventure Time. It's sooo random and yet so hilarious!

    2. Mum made mini muffins for school lunches this week. YUM!

    3. I bought a pretty pink nail polish with my pocket money.

    4. Cotton made a new friend called Buttons on Tuesday.

    5. Mum got tickets to go and see Monsters University this weekend and said I could bring a friend. Yay!

    I'm going to see Monsters U!


    What are your Friday faves?

    Love and movies

    P.S. Here's how you download the app:
    1. Get your folks' permission.
    2. On your iPad, iPhone or iPod, search in the App Store (iPhone Apps) for 'Total Girl'.
    3. Select 'Total Girl'
    4. Press FREE > INSTALL APP
    5. Yay!
  • Jessie: Fashion tips

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    Hey TGs,

    It's the school holidays! Yay! I'm sooo excited! I love school, but I also love having some time to relax and do fun things. My BFFs and I spent the last week of school organising what we would do every day of the holidays, but we forgot to ask for permission and when we finally did our parents said it was important to spend some time with our siblings and them too, so we can't spend every day together. That's okay though because I'm pretty excited to spend some quality time with Cotton. This morning he came into my room and jumped on my bed and licked my face until I woke up! He's so cheeky! We're going on a big walk today, but because it's so cold we really have to rug up. It's pretty great actually because I get to put all the fashion tips I learned at TGHQ into practice. Here are a few things I learned.

    Layers are lovely
    Lattitia, the amazing fashion stylist at Total Girl taught me that you don't need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for the cooler months, simply wear a pair of pretty patterned stockings or leggings under your fave summer dress. Add a cardigan and jacket over it and you're good to go.

    Jessie's Winter Fashion Tips

    Plastic fantastic

    The girls at TGHQ love gumboots, so rather than wearing normal shoes when it's wet weather, get out your pair of gumboots and keep your feet dry. Mum just got me a pair of really pretty red polka dot ones! They're sooo cute!

    More is more
    It's cold out so before you run out of the house, don't forget to pop on a scarf, gloves, and a beanie to complete your winter outfit.